Visual Management Part 1

Visual Workplace

In the visual workplace, anyone will easily know the: who, what, when, where, why, and how of an area within 5 minutes

Why using the V.M ?

Using Visual Management to…

    # 1…Improve your business performance and optimize your workflow.

   # 2…Expose your hidden problems & waste and develop Standard Work and create a culture of improvement

Benefits ?

The Visual  Business can help you in many ways:

1- Increase safety in your workplace by warning about safety hazards, communicating safety standards, and eliminating obstacles and unsafe conditions in the workplace.

2- Enhance Quality (reducing defects) by mistake-proofing.

3- Reduce the amount of time you spend searching for supplies, tools, equipment, people, or information.

4- Eliminate many frustrations, such as those caused by not having the supplies, equipment, or information you need where you need it and when you need it.

5- Improve communication between yourself and your coworkers by standardizing certain types of communication mechanisms  (check- sheets, status boards, signs, and labels), by creating a common understanding about how operations should be performed, and by providing necessary information in a usable form at point of use.

6- Increase job satisfaction by producing all the results listed above, and revitalizing the workplace through worker participation