Work Instructions are the most basic tool used in every business or organization to help an employee follow a sequence of steps. It describes the details of the specific steps necessary to fulfil the general tasks.

It’s a Combination of Highly visual pictures along with detailed instructions ,it Provides highly ,visual pictures used to train new hire persons , temporarys , and the person who replace the regular operators for sick's days and vacations

Job Instruction ( also known as visual work instructions)  is The Way to get A person to Quickly Remember how to do A job Correctly, Safely, and Conscientiously.  These work standards then provide the foundation for employee engagement, continuous improvement and problem solving.

 The purpose is to provide through the training for how to perform a Job, using a combination of highly visual pictures along with very detailed written instructions

 So a new hire should be able to follow this job instructions  perform the job after few practices With efficiency  and quality results similar the  experienced regular operator after

So that the person who regularly does the job can take a vacation without the rest of the work team suffering costly downturns in both quality and efficiency

 Why ??

Work instructions document  the correct way to perform low-level activities, which may roll up to a higher-level procedure, and may be required by standards, regulations or operating policies.

Work instructions need also consider the external factors such as quality, environmental, or health and safety compliance.

 Work Instructions can have a big influence on the effectiveness of a management system . Inadequate Work Instructions could result in returned product, loss of materials, customer complaints, or other problems:  Keep doing in the correct way